About Us

minuFounder: Beehive Montessori is the brainchild of Minu Dilip with a vision to promote the pure Montessori method of teaching and enhance Montessori learning for a brighter future. Minu has over a decade of experience in imparting Montessori education and is extremely passionate about working with children. She is a graduate of child psychology from Mysore University and is a certified Montessori adult. She has worked in well reputed Montessori schools and has received praise for her work from parents and fellow staff. As part of her profile, she has handled many many little ones as a Montessori adult and has successfully addressed several queries as a Coordinator.

Minu is very friendly, creative and actively engages in charity work. She is very passionate about environmental issues. Children bond with her very quickly. She has also successfully conducted Recycling Summer Camps.


  1. Dilip H Ayyar., Director – DIPL(  and 7iss ( Dilip has been successfully running two companies in Bangalore providing Information Security Services to over 2500 customers in India and abroad. He also teaches at several colleges and Universities on Information Security subjects. He has recently conducted training  programs  in collaboration with IIT-Madras, Chennai for NPTEL (MOOC). He is also a technology consultant to several Banks and Corporate clients. Dilip’s profile can be found at the above mentioned sites



  “Children are human beings to whom respect is due,superior to us by reason of their innocence and of the greater possibilities of their future.”

               Dr. Maria Montessori








What makes Beehive Montessori School unique?

Creativity, Diligence, Expression & Freedom: “CDEF”

Beehive Montessori School focuses on helping every child to be truly free and expressive – in their own right and in the world. That’s why our classrooms are designed with minimal boundaries and restrictions, so as to enable the child to exercise independence with perceived boundaries. Children at BHMS enjoy working with materials that are designed for their age group, and share their experiences with peers thereby broadening their horizons in education and day to day life.

Engage and Empower

We believe education provokes a lifelong desire to know the world around us. We spark the children’s curiosity inside and outside the classroom at Beehive Montessori school, making it our mission to nourish your child: cognitively, socially, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Our mission is to sow the seeds for life so that our alumni can use these experiences to their education and spread their wings in areas of interest that impact the world.




“It is the child who makes the man, and no man exists who was not mad  by the child he once was.”

              Dr. Maria Montessori






Beehive Montessori School Philosophy:

A True and Authentic Montessori way for small bodies with big minds.

The environment is a serene place when we can create, collaborate, and troubleshoot problems – together. We at BHMS create this environment for a conducive learning.

Our Montessori school inspires – and is inspired by – our young students.

That’s why our goal is to foster a lifelong education and insatiable curiosity in each child, so that they may touch the world.

At Beehive Montessori School, each child:

  • Learns in an environment that’s intellectually stimulating, socially cooperative, and emotionally nurturing.
  • Observes the way their senses guide them through their day, whether it’s moulding and touching materials, preparing and eating at mealtime, or holding a conversation with a  peer.
  • Challenges their education according to their personal needs, in an intimate setting that allows for expression and experimentation.
  • Respects their mind and body, while also caring for others, the environment, and the world around them.




                                    “The child is both a hope

                                      and a promise for mankind.”

                                                        Dr. Maria Montessori



Experience true Montessori at Beehive Montessori School.

We invite your family to join us for a tour, to experience, or to hear more about our school and the Method. See you soon!